The Brexit (as wished also in English)

British BulldogLast night just over half of the people of a nation have decided to no longer belong to an administrative colossus, which has distinguished itself in recent years almost only by its rigidity, inflexibility and particularly its steady increase of democratic deficit.

In 2013, the British government announced that it wanted to launch a referendum on the question whether to leave the EUnion or not. Since 2013, also  Brussels knew that there were probably some kind of expectations, that the current EU did not fully meet. Did any European body (excuse me, EU body it must be, of course – since Europe and EU have been and are still two different cup of teas)  took a deeper look on themselves and maybe wondered: why is it that people do not like us anymore? When there is a large number of people who no longer identify themselves with the colossus, there must have gone something wrong at least for this group of people, musn’t it?

I did not see any reflection happen. Self-criticism is not part of the EU statutes. Instead, there were – except the usual empty polemics – accusations, threats, misunderstandings, Schadenfreude, boycotts, monitoring, more monitoring, less rights, less … everything negative that could possibly be poured over people, was emptied on the British in huge buckets. They would show these breakaway idiots what a mighty power like a EU could do. After all, they had three years to get them under control.

Now these three years are over. And these rebellious guys did not get frightened. Unfortunately, these guys also did not see any alternatives offered to them. The EU has not become more democratic, has not become more human. On the contrary, the colossus tried to cram more and more unwanted actions through the throats of their citizens. And now the British have vomited it back.

I’m not necessarily a fan of the DIEM25 movement and consider the whole thing rather an egomaniacal exercise of Giannis. (Although: the guy is damn sexy and certainly has a clue of economics. Had they let him do … the whole EU could have benefitted. Now they have Diem25 like an evergreen sung in the streets). Varoufakis is surely right with his main objective: if the EU does not refresh and install democratic principles and seriously begin to support avoidance of war rather than rattling sables, work for the people instead for the banks and elites,  prevent damage from their people instead of him of pouring it onto them … then certainly other letters will come to stand in front of the word EXIT.

Had I myself voted for a Brexit?
I wrote the book “2084 – Entopischer Dialog”. It is about an Eternal Monetary Union…


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